Latest news: Celtic FC America joins USSL Pro

April 7, 2019


USSL Pro announced today on their website that Celtic FC America has officially registered to play in the inaugural USSL 2021 season.  We have spoken to the Celtic FC America ownership group over the last 3 months and we can officially say the Celts are the first team in history to become a member of USSL Pro in the Texas Division. We are obviously delighted to have such a big name brand on board. We know head Coach Brendan Keyes from his playing days and his membership in TPSL.  Keyes is a huge Celtic supporter and due to his obvious, his love for Celtic, he has decided to make Celtic FC America his top priority. The “bhoys,” or the “hoops,” as fans call the team, will be wearing the famous green and white hoops.

Keyes, who played pro with the Houston Hurricanes in USL, went on to say, that the Celts will be looking for top players over the next 12 months to play in the upcoming TPSL season and tournaments in order to get ready for the big jump up in league play.  Soccer has grown so much over the last 30 years in America; we want to grow with it as it continues to get stronger and stronger. We want to work with US Soccer and develop great players for national programs. The Celts will be based out of the bay area, 25 minutes from downtown Houston.  We are in talks to hold our games at Clear Springs High School stadium in League City.

Keyes explained how Celtic FC America got started in Houston. Houston has had a couple Celtic teams, Celtic bhoys, who are still going be at a much lower level, and Houston Celtic.  Both in HFA, a fantastic league in Houston.  Three men, Jimmy Hunter, Bill Denike, and Pete Sullivan, originally started this team. The reason Keyes believes it is important to tell the story is Jimmy and Bill have both passed away. Two great guys and he wants to keep the team going in their memories.


Keyes said “Pete lives in Virginia Beach today and we still talk often, in fact he just visited me a few months ago.  We actually met up with Bill who sadly passed away a few weeks after our meeting.  These three friends asked me to play with the new Houston Celtic team in HFA Premier League.  They already had a Celtic team in the lower level. They wanted a top level team because the top league had a Rangers team and so you know the history.  At the time, I was playing pro with the Houston Hurricanes FC in USL. It was agreed I would be loaned out in the off season. The bhoys wanted me to sign, as I was a huge Celtic supporter, Irish, and also one of the top players in Houston.  The first season we played Rangers in the Semi-Final Cup, we won 3-2 and I scored two goals that night, I will never forget Bill, Pete, Jimmy and his dad, Jimmy Sr jumping all over me when I scored the winner.  It was a great moment and memories I'll carry with me forever. R.I.P. bhoys, we are still going strong.”


So, here you have it a little bit of the history from how it all started.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and thank God every day for allowing me to do what I love - Football.


Celtic FC America will be holding tryouts soon. Call 832-748-1001 or email to register.  You must be at least 16 to tryout.



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