The United states Soccer league gets sanctioned by US Club Soccer
Houston, Texas,  May 8th 2019


Latest News:

USSL group announced today a partnership with US Club soccer.   US Club soccer will serve as our sanctioning body for USSL.

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April 2019


Latest News:

Celtic F. C. America has been in the news many times lately making big waves with announcements like the one made last month about joining the USSL.  Today it was announced that starting in June of 2019, the Clear Springs varsity stadium in League City will be the new home for the bhoys in green and white....


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Pachuca win in classic final 3-2 over Hurricanes FC

January 28, 2019


The TPSL final lived up to the hype and with a sold out crowd the fans were not disappointed.  The Canes started strong and scored the opening goal after just 4 minutes,  Juan Nava with a cut inside to shoot it home from 20 yards with the left foot drive into the corne...

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