Celtic F. C. America has been in the news many times lately making big waves with announcements like the one made last month about joining the USSL.  Today it was announced that starting in June of 2019, the Clear Springs varsity stadium in League City will be the new home for the bhoys in green and white.


GM and Head Coach, Brendan Keyes, said “We are delighted to finally get our new home.  Clear Springs was our first choice; it is the perfect size for us to grow into.  We will play league games and will also bring big name teams in for exhibition games, which is fantastic for League City.  Fans will stay in hotels and eat in local restaurants after the home games, so it is a win-win for all involved.  We will bring great family entertainment for all the local soccer fans and hope the city will support the team.”


Adult tickets are $10 each with children (12 and under) admitted for free.


Teams interested  to play at halftime during games must register contact Celtic F.C America head coach Brendan Keyes.  Discounts  tickets will be available for teams and clubs in the area.


Celts head Coach Brendan Keyes is available for camps,  one on one training as well groups, so please call to schedule a date and time.


Attorney Mike Diaz  sponsored the Celts home team jersey for 2019 season.


For more information on the team and potential partnership call 832 748 1001 or visit our website www.CelticfcAmerica.com


About Clear Springs


Clear Springs High School (CSHS) is an American public high school located in League City, Texas. It is one of seven high schools in the Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD). The school opened in 2007 serving most of League City west of Interstate 45 and part of the Harris County portion of Friendswood.

TPSL President Brendan Keyes steps down

January 28, 2019


Hello all TPSL teams, supporters and general public. I have decided to step down after 6 years as TPSL League President.


As the original founder and owner of the Texas Premier Soccer league, the time is right. I'm proud of what I have achieved in the past years with TPSL. It's not always been easy.  It takes many moving parts to run a team, never mind a league spread out all over Texas. I felt the time was right for me to bring in new faces.


I've brought in two new partners to take the league forward with me. I am staying very much involved but will not make all executive decisions going forward. It will be a collective effort between the new partners and myself, and I am very excited about working together with my new partners. The teams in the league will benefit greatly from this new structure and we will have much more time to help support team owners.

I've had opportunities in the past 18 months to bring in new people in but didn't feel they were the right fit for me or the league.


I have held talks with two local businessmen in the past few weeks and we have come to an agreement to run the league together. We share the same vision and passion for the beautiful game. So it was a natural progression and easy decision for me to make.


To create a strong and worthwhile lasting league, the league needs to be leader in the association with the capacity to do well in what it needs to do next.


I am very excited about this new beginning and I have no doubt in my mind we will face challenges ahead like those seen in the last 6 years and 35 years involvement in the game.  However, now I feel it will be much easier with the two new President and CEO coming on board.


We will announce the new partners in the next 48 hours, and I know Houston, Texas will be delighted with my decision.


The TPSL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer, with all teams participating in league and State cup games. Also all TPSL teams can play in US Lamar Open cup - the biggest cup competition in US Soccer.



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